Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hey guys

Tell me guys what's this count down for? MW3? (Modernwarfare 3)

3 days from now... im guessing it will be a Teaser trailer coming out for Modern Warfare 3, what are your thoughts.


  1. I hope so. I've read it is. I've also read it's a hoax... Either way, when you find out, I hope you post it here! Following!

  2. Yeah, it's most likely MW3, couldn't think of anything else

  3. woaaah is there any confirmation from producers?

  4. I've also read it's a hoax, but people are quick to jump to that conclusion regardless of whether it is or isn't.

    Please change your background by the way. The first few lines of your posts are unreadable without highlighting it. Thanks <3