Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Knight Online MMORPG

Showing Gameplay of Warrior on Knight Online, 2011.
Even though i don't play this game anymore, i played it for 5 years during highschool ever since the beta was out, it's lacking in graphics but still is very popular with over 13 servers constantly packed with players all over the world. What i loved about this game is you can free roam and do what ever the hell you want when you pk, say if your a rogue you can spy on oncoming enemys and stalk the "newby" out of the bunch and take him out then go back invisible. if you have a clan you can work together to get the kills, your clan ranks up everytime you kill a enemy. the very boring thing about this game is it's constantly overwhelmed with hackers and for leveling up you can either grind level (killing 1 certain spawn of monsters) the game it's self is updated on a weekly basis coming out with new material, new ways to level up new maps.
Oh and almost forgot the WAR's are amazing... 300 vs 300? 500 vs 500? who ever wins the war gets to invade there native territory so you can run into there own town and kill level 1 noobsters or any other low level... it's absolutely crazy

BadCompany Clan PK Movie In Cypher


  1. video is not available in my country ;_;

  2. I like the look of how frantic this game appears to be. I might just install it to join the mayhem myself!

  3. Great game, I have been playing for the last 2 days straight!

  4. AWESOME game. I'll be checking back soon!