Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 Modernwarfare 3 Single player Gameplay.

To me the game just looks like a reskinned version of MW2, i'm still going to get the game... but i'm more excited for Battlefield 3 (Next Gen of FPS)


  1. I can only get one of them as I'm getting Gow3, and so far, it's definitely BF.

  2. I'll just wait for my RMA'd 6850 to arrive... then play this game! Not that much of a COD fan, but I think it's cool to be played on leisure times.

  3. I am sooo pumped for BF3 it is sickening. After seeing the tank run in E3 I was sold :)

    Your vids just amplified that 10 fold :D Thank you for sharing.